Tutu Studios – Story Based Ballet Classes For Children And Toddlers

Friday is my daughter’s special day.

It’s the day she gets to spend with mum without her brother around and it’s also the day she goes to Tutu Studios!

Friday is officially her favourite day of the week.


Tutu Studios Ballet

Every day during the week she will ask me, ‘Mum what day is it today? Am I going to dance class?’

Then I have to deal with the disappointment when she realises there is no dance that day.

I am so happy that she enjoys it so much, I love to see her face light up when she puts on her tutu and her dance shoes.

The pride in her face when she shows me a new move that she’s learned literally brings tears to my eyes.


The reason she loves her dance class so much has a lot to do with the structure.

At Tutu Studios each class is story-based so your tiny dancer will be captivated by an enchanting fairy tale.

One week could see them swim like a mermaid and the next, fly with Peter Pan!

The teacher Miss Amy makes the classes so playful and full of joy that every child in the class is so happy to be there.

You can feel the buzz of happy energy when you leave the room.


There are bubbles, ribbons and dress-ups and they even get a sticker book with a new sticker every week. Now if that isn’t an incentive I don’t know what is!

But the best thing about it is the parents get kicked out!   So I have a coffee and a catch up with some of the other dance mums or pop to the gym for a cheeky 30 mins. Win, win.

The kids respond much better when we’re not there anyway!

There are a few viewing days during the term when you get to watch your little one’s new skills and boy are they proud to show us!

Every week I see my daughter’s confidence grow. She is making new friends, learning new skills and she has a hobby that she loves that is just for her.

Thanks Tutu Studios for making my daughter so happy! I wish I felt that way about the gym!

Tutu Studios is a school for little dancers to experience the magic of beautiful music and movement through fairy tales, stories, sparkles, and ribbons.

Not only will your little dancer grow into a creative, confident, happy young person, you’ll be able to celebrate each special step she takes along the way.

Tutu Studios is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and has 7 locations to choose from. 

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